Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tweeting...for what it's worth

I don't make it a habit of posting non-gaming related items in this blog, but I have to make a shout-out to Daniel who has been telling me for a while I should be on Twitter. I could never see the point - it was just one more way to social network and I needed another one of those like I need a one-sided die.

But after some prodding on his part I made the leap last week. I have to say it is quite fun. It was made even more enjoyable now that I tied it all together so that I'm covering facebook, tweets and notices of blog posts into one interface (for the technically minded see below).

So, for what it's worth, if you enjoy this blog and want to keep the conversation flowing, then feel free to look me up on Twitter: @CinderellaManJJ.

Technical note - I have my Twitter account set to send my status updates to facebook as well, which kills two birds with one stone. I follow tweets using TweetDeck on my PCs and iPhone. I also created a account to manage and track all my shortened URLs. Finally, again with a recommendation from Daniel, I've set up TwitterFeed so I can automatically tweet and update facebook when I publish a blog post. I'm still learning all the syntax, but I'm having a good time of it.

Follow Your Bliss,


  1. For Facebook, I use this FB App called Selective Tweets.
    It only makes a Facebook update out of a tweet which I have tagged #fb (so I don't overspam FB either).

    The great thing about Twitter is the conversations and engagement with lots of folks, both the ones you know and the ones you want to know.

  2. Ok, that explains a lot. TweetDeck lets me choose if I want to send to facebook as well as Linked-In. Plus the way it is currently set up with Twitter, anything that is not a reply or RT automatically gets posted to facebook.

    Thank you again for suggesting it to me. I'm very pleased with the results.