Thursday, January 6, 2011

A time for change

As I sit here, in poor man's first class (no one sitting next to me in coach), on my flight home, I'm thinking about what I said in my last post. This blog is me, but it only shows one side of me (and like a d20, I got lots o' sides). I think I'd like to use this blog to explore more of me than just RPGs.

The problem is, how to do that? When I launched this blog I joined I'm sure there are lots of things about my life that are not of interest to players of RPGs, well, at least that's what I imagine. Still, I don't want to burden their feed with a bunch of personal stuff.

So consider this post a "heads up" that I will probably be doing some housekeeping around here, possibly involving an address change. I apologize in advance for any confusion.

Follow your bliss,

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  1. Why not make another blog?

    Keep your many sides represented in their own forum, so to speak. Of course, I tried that and created and discarded several alternate blogs that never seemed to get any attention. Some took on a little attention, and even if I don't update them as frequently, I still get to them as the need arises.


  2. @Grendelwulf, thanks for the suggestion. Since you asked, I was going back and forth between everything under one blog or each topic getting it's own blog. I went so far as to create several blogs in Blogger in preparation of splitting things up.

    After mulling it over, I think I'm going to put everything under one roof. I think I'm going to break things up with tags. The tags should let me create separate feeds so I can still keep one for

    Thanks for your comment.